Milind Soman’s Wednesday Workout post is all about gradual improvement. See it here

Milind Soman recently shared a fitness video on Instagram and spoke about the importance of gradual improvement.

Milind Soman shares new fitness post. Photo: Instagram/ Milind Soman

Milind Soman shares new fitness post. Photo: Instagram/ Milind Soman

Milind Soman and his wife Ankita Konwar have been speaking about fitness and exercise for a long time now. They have also been stressing on the importance of treating your body right and improving gradually.

Milind Soman, in his latest Instagram post, shared about his improvement when it comes to exercise. The actor posted a video and gave the details of his regular workout routine. “#workoutwednesday back at my favourite place hanging an EL. been doing one set of pull-ups every day, takes about 45secs, but I can feel myself getting stronger! (sic),” the supermodel wrote.

He added, “I also spend 3-4 min whenever I can on improving my handstand technique and another 5min on pushups total exercise and skill building time throughout the day is around 20-30min. It’s important to have fun doing things that are good for you in the long term! (sic).”

That was not all, Ankita also shared a post and penned an important note. She wrote, “A quick 10k this morning. There are so many people I hear say things like ‘we are all going to die anyway, why waste time on exercise?’’Why make a fuss about eating right, marna toh sabko hai’. To all of these people I always say, it’s not about the quantity of life but the quality of life. As long as you live, live healthy (sic).”

She added, “Yes some diseases are unavoidable, but at least avoid the ones created by your sedentary lifestyle. Trust me, I have seen the destruction a sedentary life can cause, to you and your loved ones, and sadly it’s not limited to physical. Get.Set.Reset your lifestyle (sic).”

Did you exercise today?

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