‘Exam anxiety among kids worries parents equally’

It is that time of the year when both students and parents start to take the exam pressure. “How can I create a stress-free environment for my child? How can I take care of my child when he has stopped eating due to exam stress? How can I prepare a timetable for my kid?” These are some of the main questions parents are regularly asking counsellors in schools of Chandigarh.

The counsellors say that parents are worried than their wards when they see their child stressed or when they wish their child to score well in examination. Counsellors say that parents come to them with their wards asking for solutions to exam anxiety and on how to get their child to study well.

Competition adds to stress

Geetanjali Chauhan, whose son is studying in Class 12 at St John’s High School, Sector 26, said, “Parents are equally stressed out when they see their children are worried about exams. The anxiety is not only due to examinations but other adolescent issues too.”

Geetanjali added, “My son is always worried thinking about what is going to happen next. This age’s competition has added a lot to the tension. It is at its peak now. When I see the stress students are taking due to this competition, I feel I should not push my younger son into it.”

Another parent, Vandana, whose daughter is studying in Class 12 at The British School, Sector 44, said, “My daughter is stressed out because of peer pressure. However, I do not create any more tension for her because it worries the child.”

‘Child care leave’ suggested

Sunita Kapoor, senior counsellor, in a Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 40, said, “Parents come to me with their children.

These are mainly the children who are weak in studies, and parents are worried because of this. During examination time, these kids stop eating as it becomes anxious for them.” She added, “I help parents preparing a diet chart for the students and tell them to care about the children by not adding any more stress.”

She even said that at times she had to tell a few parents that they should take ‘child care leave’ from work and spend time with their children. Aviraj, a student of Class 12 (non-med), at St Xavier’s Senior Secondary School, Sector 44, said, “I don’t take much tension about exams. The mind has to be relaxed to score well.”

When asked about what he does to relax his mind, he said, “I watch TV, play video games, and hang out with my friends. Though, nowadays, my parents don’t let me hang out because the exams are nearing.”

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