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North Korea apologizes over shooting death of South Korean amid public backlash

North Korea expressed regret on Friday that it shot dead a missing South Korean to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the South’s national security adviser said, amid growing political and public backlash. North Korea’s United Front Department, in charge of cross-border ties, sent a letter to South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s office a day after Seoul officials said North Korean soldiers […]

Mongolia’s most eligible eagle hunter

(CNN) — “Look over there. See that man coming this way?” asks Timur. “He’s so good looking.” Galloping towards us on a stout Mongolian steed is the nomad’s version of Brad Pitt returning home in “Legends of the Fall.” Bundled inside a pinto jacket above richly embroidered trousers, he certainly catches the eye. A fox […]

China says US has ‘created enough troubles for the world’ as UN spat continues

US Representative to the UN Kelly Craft criticized China over what she said was a “decision to hide the origins of this virus, minimize its danger, and suppress scientific cooperation.” Craft claimed Beijing’s actions “transformed a local epidemic into a global pandemic.” China’s Zhang Jun swiftly rejected Craft’s characterization of events. “I must say, enough […]

Will Europe’s second wave of Covid-19 cases mean a second huge death toll?

Europe’s hospitals are now better equipped for treating Covid-19. Measures such as social distancing and mask-wearing have become the norm and the latest spread of infection has been primarily among younger people, who are less likely to die if they contract the virus. Yet colder weather is beginning to set in and the flu season […]

Canada denounces Lukashenko’s inauguration in Belarus, preparing sanctions over human rights violations

Canada, along with the United States and United Kingdom, has condemned the inauguration of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and is seeking to hold his government accountable by preparing sanctions on individuals allegedly involved in human rights violations. François-Philippe Champagne, minister of foreign affairs, said, “Canada considers that Alexander Lukashenko lacks the legitimacy to be the leader of Belarus.” […]

China has a new richest man: Zhong Shanshan overtakes Jack Ma

Zhong Shanshan, the founder of the popular Chinese bottled water brand Nongfu Spring, has overtaken Alibaba (BABA) founder Jack Ma to become the country’s wealthiest person, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires index. Zhong was already China’s third richest person after his company went public earlier this month with a blockbuster listing in Hong Kong. As […]

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