Will India’s FY21 GDP and earnings estimates see further downgrades?

The government has extended the current lockdown by another 19 days to May 3 to contain the outbreak of Covid-19. However, it has been eased in certain districts from April 20, depending on the situation. Several districts have very few cases currently, but the government is worried about the potential spread of Covid-19 outbreak to […]

Liquidity support provides temporary lifeline to discoms: S&P

MUMBAI: The government’s stimulus measures will only provide a temporary lifeline to state-owned power distribution companies as the coronavirus pandemic has increased liquidity pressure for these firms, global ratings agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) said. On May 13, Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that state-owned lenders PFC and REC will extend Rs 90,000 crore […]

Failed CKP Co-usable Bank investors among first recipients of higher store spread

Mumbai: The depositors of the Mumbai-based failed CKP Co-operative Bank will be among the first beneficiaries of higher deposit insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh. The bank’s license was cancelled by the Reserve Bank last week and the government hiked the minimum deposit insurance cover from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh in its […]

Government gesture required for FDI from neighboring nations

Move might be planned for forestalling ‘crafty takeovers’ by Chinese substances In a move that will limit Chinese speculations, the Center has made earlier government endorsement obligatory for remote direct ventures from nations which share a land outskirt with India. Already, just ventures from Pakistan and Bangladesh confronted such limitations. The reconsidered FDI approach is […]

US oil costs fall underneath zero unexpectedly; stocks open down 3%

Oil costs fell underneath zero without precedent for history the previous evening as the worldwide lockdown crushed interest for the item amidst a value war between providers. Indian stocks have opened powerless at the beginning of today, down over 3%, which is in accordance with the presentation of the US Dow Jones short-term. The cost […]

Money, money all over the place however not a drop to those out of luck

The Reserve Bank of India is tossing cash from its housetop with the goal that banks loan. Indeed, they are loaning, yet not to you and me, yet the RBI itself. One of the glaring highlights of Indian banking in the previous scarcely any months has been that banks are flush with reserves, however they […]

The best strategy to make money when the market rebounds from a downturn

Economics is infamous for the difference of opinion among its practitioners. The consensus is very rare. Interestingly, we now have a consensus that India is in a serious economic slowdown and recovery will be gradual and slow. From the market’s perspective, The important questions are: How serious is the slowdown? When can we expect a […]

World economy bound to endure ‘severe recession’: IMF

The world economy, effectively “lazy” before the coronavirus flare-up, is will undoubtedly endure an “extreme downturn” in 2020, IMF boss Kristalina Georgieva has cautioned and said the present emergency presented “overwhelming difficulties” for policymakers in many developing markets and creating economies. Tending to the Development Committee Meeting during the yearly Spring Meeting of the International […]

The economy-market ‘separate’ seen in CY2019 may rehash in CY2020

In Calendar 2019, the residential financial exchange did sensibly well while the economy fumbled. A couple of large-caps conveyed awesome returns while midcaps and small-caps conveyed negative returns. Financials did amazingly well while numerous different segments battled. The administration’s ‘stun’ corporate tax reduction on September 20, 2019, ended up being the greatest driver of market […]

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